Personal Statement

I am a Baptist girl who married my husband Michael Grove on March 20th 2010. We welcomed our first gift from God, Julie Ann Grove, on July 6th 2010. We received our second precious bundle James Alexander Grove on April 16th 2012. We recieved a third gift, Jenny Anela Grove on May 3rd 2014. We lost Jenny to SIDS on June 25th 2014. We recieved a Fourth Jenna Alexis Grove on June 3rd 2015 We are a God Fearing & Following Family and we believe that the Bible has an answer to everything. We do not believe that abortion is right and we dislike the decision that people make to KILL their children. Have a question or comment about me or my beliefs, ask but do not expect me to "sugar coat" anything! :-)

My Kids
  • Jenna Alexis Grove
    Jenna... 2 years old
  • Jenny Anela Grove
    Jenny... 3 years old
  • James Alexander Grove
    James... 5 years old
  • Julie Ann Grove
    Julie... 7 years old
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