Personal Statement

I am Kelly , I live in a small town called Bay City  Michigan,I  have 4 wonderful children, Kolleen who is 18, Ian who is 6 and then there are the twins Addison and Oaks who are a lil over 2..And I just became a Grandma in Sept to a wonderful baby boy named Gavyn, its  just a fun as grandma as is it as mom. I use to be a nurse in the before twin life, and haven't seemed to make it back yet! I miss it aloooot...

So now I spend my days filled with diapers and slobber! I wouldn't trade it for the world, people say poor you when they see us out, poor me??? I have 4 great kids whats so bad about that..... Many say God only gives you what  you can handle. some days I think god musta fallen off his rocker, cause this is way more then I bargained for, but when the day is done and there all in bed asleep, and I look at them and say awww they are so sweet and tomorrow will be easier then today and as great as yesterday!!! Its all worth it in the end!!

My Kids
  • ElliAnna granddaughter
    ElliAnna... 7 years old
  • Gavyn   Grandson
    Gavyn... 10 years old
  • Addison Carrol
    Addison... 11 years old
  • Boy
    Oaks... 11 years old
  • Boy
    Ian Joseph 16 years old
  • Girl
    Kolleen Ann 27 years old
More Kids