Personal Statement

    I am a mom of 7. I have 1 son 2 step sons, 3 daughters, and 1 step daughter. I love them all very much...BUT I am still so done having children. I love to do crafts, and enjoy seeing my children grow and do crafty things themselves. I was born in massachusetts and cant stand being cold or the snow. so I have lived more south for the last 8 years of my life.. this year i am in Ohio, it still gets cold and snows but not to the extreme (like massachussets). :o) We aren't next to any family and I stay at home with my 2 daughters, Elijah is in 4th grade and Erin is in kindergarten. My 3 step children live in alabama. I love every bit of my life and thank God for all he has blessed me with and all that is yet to come!

My Kids
  • Eylanna Meagan
    Eylanna... 10 years old
  • Elise Kamryn
    Elise... 12 years old
  • Erin Brianna
    Erin... 15 years old
  • Jordon Uriah
    Jordon... 16 years old
  • Kyra Ta'Miracle
    Kyra... 18 years old
  • Elijah Michael
    Elijah... 19 years old
  • Gordon Stanley
    Gordon... 20 years old
More Kids