Personal Statement

 Lets see, 10 things I love. 1) my kids (that's my 1st five) 6) Chinese food, 7) books, 8) crocheting, 9) cooking, 10) baking,  10 things I hate 1)peas, 2) hot weather (wish it was snowing) 3) science fiction, (kinda freaks me out) 4) laundry 5) when my computer freezes, 6) junk mail in my e-mail 7) having to wear shoes, (wish i could wear my socks everywhere i go) 8) when i try to return something and they argue about giving me my money back, 9)calling a company and having to push too many numbers before i can get to the one thing i need, (where have all the people gone?)and 10) those awful, awful caveman commercials (but I love The Slowskys)

My Kids
  • Boy
    nicholas 14 years old
  • Boy
    jeff 27 years old
  • Boy
    joey 29 years old
  • Boy
    billy 32 years old
  • Girl
    amanda 36 years old
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