Personal Statement

I am 20 years old and 1 month pregnant with my first child. I am pro-life, an advocate for women's rights, a student in London struggling to finish school, and was raised as a good Catholic schoolgirl. I am not with my child's father and do not plan on being, if I have any say in it! I haven't told anyone except for online that I am pregnant. My family just had a discussion the other day about how sorry they felt for single mothers and I am hoping to change those preconceived notions in their minds and show them how strong and independant that these women really are. I have a ton of questions and am utterly clueless about pregnancy and raising a child (this wasn't exactly expected) so any advice is more than welcome. One thing that no one will hear me say is that my child is not wanted because I will love him/her unconditionally and they will never know that they weren't planned, but to me they are a blessing in disguise.