Personal Statement

to anyone who might miss my comments in my absence;

first, thank you for caring.  Everything is fine with me and mine, it's just my computer has been threatening to die on me for nearly a year now, so I've decided, as a way to save for a new one, I'm going to give up Internet for a few months... hopefully, I'll be back around February with a brand new laptop or something!

I will be popping in from time to time, as I will still be checking my email about once a week at my local library  :)

Have yourselves a great Holiday Season, whatever you celebrate, and I'll see you again in the spring.

Brightest Blessings to All

Darlene (Jon 'n' Lilith's Mom)

My Kids
  • Lilith Kenna
    Lilith... 10 years old
  • Jon Alexander
    Jon... 29 years old