Personal Statement

I'm the VERY proud mother to my 14 year old son, John. He's very sweet, has a great sense of humor, is respectful to people, and will stand up to bullies, even if they are picking on someone else. He's intelligent, honest and not at all interested in the latest "teen" fads. (He thinks all of that is just nonsense and a waste of time). We live in a very rural part of WNC, and we love it. No hassles with neighbors and peace and quiet. I'm a homebody, I'd rather stay home with my husband, Ronnie, and son, John, and our 2 catsand 2 dogs. I love to read, walk in the woods, go down to the river, watch the wildlife in the back yard, and just relax at home.  To me, that's the best there is. 

My Kids
  • Boy
    John 20 years old