Personal Statement

I'm originally from Northern Virginia about 20 mins from Washington DC. We moved to Greensboro,NC about 8 months ago and boy what a difference...no traffic!!!! Im starting to like it here but definitely missing my sister and girlfriends back home. The drive is about 4.5 hours and I've done it by my self with my little ones 6 times already!!! Time  to venture out of my comfort zone and meet some new people. I'm married to an older man with the personality of a 30 year old....sometimes...we've been together for almost 10 years. I'm a starbucks, HGTV, Food Network, Style Channel kida gal. I love having people over and cooking up stuff, drinking wine, or going to new places. I love decorating and changing up my house. My son rules my life, he's almost 3 so that explains it. He's a sweetheart with others and is great with sharing.  My newborn is finally "out of her crying stage" and Im starting to really enjoy making her smile and looking forward to all the shopping days and pedicures with her.

I hope to meet some great people while I am here in Greensboro!

My Kids
  • Sophia
    Sophia 10 years old
  • Jordan
    Jordan 13 years old