Personal Statement

Hi ~ My name is Danielle.I'm 27 yrs. old. I live in Central Florida with my Husband, Josh and my 3 great children.Jami is 11, Micayla is 8 and Joshua is 5. And now we have one on the way!!!  EDD is 2/28/11.             

I'm a stay at home Mom and my husband drives over the road. So we appreciate each when he is home.

I love being w/ my kids and my family. I have a big family, We are scattered out between Texas,Maryland and Florida. I was born in Texas,lived in Maryland for 10yrs. and lived here in Ocala ,Florida for 13 yrs. So they are all my homes.

I spend my days running errands and cleaning the house. Well I hope to meet alot of other mommies on here.

My Kids
  • Expecting
    I'm Pregnant!
  • Joshua
    Joshua 13 years old
  • Cayla
    Cayla 15 years old
  • Jami
    Jami 19 years old
More Kids