Personal Statement

Hello, I figured that I need to find another way of sharing my thoughts, collecting new ideas from others. This year my husband and I have had the pleasure of waking up next to each other for 30yrs. And each year feels like I am back in high school with the little bugs in your tummy. I raised all 4 of my girls and they are all out of the house for now. Youngest comes back when she is not at college. We raise two of our grandchildren for the last 9yrs. I would do it all over again. I honestly believe they keep us going. I have 8 grandchildren from my oldest two daughters. Oldest is 10.  I am a Cancer Survivor, however new results show more issues pending. Staying positive and keeping faith on what ever comes your way is what counts in life.  I try and stay away for negative, really believe that physically  over comes your body if you let it.  Lovin Life

My Kids
  • Damian
    Damian 14 years old
  • Frankie
    Frankie 16 years old
  • Girl
    Skylynn 27 years old
  • Girl
    Samantha 29 years old
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 35 years old
  • Girl
    Nicole 38 years old
More Kids