Personal Statement

Who am I in a nutshell? Heart Driven, Fun Loving, Goofy, Silly But Serious When Needed, Crazy In The Good Way, Will Tell You How It Is With Love Encourager, Master Communicator, Friend Maker, Inspirator, Life Changer, Goal Setter, Life Lover, Living By Design Enthusiast, Passion Follower, Dance Maniac.
My purpose is to mentor those who want more out of life, the incredible individuals who are feeling "the pull" of stepping into their greatness. I do this in many ways, the main options are through my blog, videos, programs and of course direct/group coaching.
Most of all I am a BIG FAN of God's Work and doing my part to make an impact in this world. Would love to connect and have another "rock star" in my networks with your cool self. See you on the flip side!
(You can find me at to connect and learn more about me)