Personal Statement

I have been with my husband since January 3, 2005, and we've been married since February 23, 2009 . We have suffered 4 miscarriages, 1 in Nov/Dec. of 2007 at about 6 weeks, the 2nd in Oct. 2009 at 7 weeks, we then had our beautiful daughter Leana Marie on November 24, 2010, then suffered our 3rd loss in March 2012 at 5 weeks, our 4th in November 2012 at 8 weeks and were finally blessed again with Ella Grace on November 10, 2013. I am so proud and blessed to have our 2 beautiful, healthy little princesses.

I love to craft, spend time with my family, take photos, watch movies, etc.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Ella Grace 4 years old
  • Girl
    Leana Marie 7 years old