Personal Statement

I was born and raised on Long Island in NY.....my parents divorced when I was 6 years old. I was raised by mom almost singlehandedly, though my dad was always in the picture, just always "forgot" he had us. I was married straight out of high school to a man that gave me three beautiful children(Anthony, Joey, and Brittany), but turned out to be a real dud of a husband. I left him when my children were small and I met a wonderful man (John) who became my best friend. We were together for 7 years before we married in the Great Smoky Mountains. We have one child together (Adam) and in 2003, we obtained custody of John's child from a previous relationship (Robert). All of my adult life, I worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities, but all of that work didn't prepare me for what it would be to actually have a child of my own. While I love Robert with all my heart, I get very overwhelmed and often feel taken advantage of by my husband and his ex. Robert has many medical issues and they consume my life at times, forcing me to work nights so that I am available during the day. I've heard from every professional that Robert is not your "typical" child with down syndrome. What IS typical? I know I sound bitter, sometimes I am, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.........

My Kids
  • Adam
    Adam 20 years old
  • Robert
    Robert 24 years old
  • Brittany
    Brittany 27 years old
  • Joseph
    Joseph 29 years old
  • Anthony
    Anthony 31 years old
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