Personal Statement

10 things you should know about me:

1.  Why my screan name?  Illegally blonde-I'm blonde, a rebel, and an attorney.

2.  I have 2 dogs:  Miko and Khowla.  Miko is a shrine goddess in training in Japanese.  Khowla is poetic bedouin for little deer.

3.  I have traveled around the world many times.  I have lived in Europe, latin America, and Africa.

4.  I have bunjee jumped many times and someday I would like to sky dive.

5.  I am currently pregnant with my first.

6.  I am 32 and will turn 33 in a couple of weeks.

7.  I am married to my best friend...cliched I know.

8.  I play on a sand volleyball league.  There is another pregnant woman on the team.

9.  I love gardening and cooking.

10.  Someday I want to write a book about my life.

My Kids
  • Expecting
    I'm Pregnant!