Personal Statement

Let's see.. My name is Juli and i'm 21 years old. My fiance, Marc, and i live in florida (the tampa area).

I have 2 kids, but unfortunantly one is an angel in heaven. He looks down from heaven and protects his mommy. Losing my son EJ to SIDS was probably the hardest thing i've ever gone through...and i'm still not 100%, which i never will be again. I like to think that EJ helped God make Dylan and I cant wait to see what influences EJ had over him.

Dylan is our newest arrival -- Born on LABOR DAY! (how terribly appropriate! lol) He was 7lbs 0oz and was 20in long. So far he still has his blue eyes, and lots of hair...

Our home is always active...we have 2 pugs (Pugsley and Diego -- Deigo who now goes to boarding school at grandmas...) and 1 cat (Zeus) and they all believe that they own the place... unfortunantly their daddy doesnt make them think differently.

I'm sort of an "odd duck" or SPECIAL ED (according to Stace) lol... but i'm a big joker, and usually quick on the draw -- However my brain is much more mushy than before! I like to make people smile and laugh...I also like to help, and give advice when asked.

Thats pretty much me. 

My Kids
  • Landon Matthew
    Landon... 7 years old
  • Dylan Christopher
    Dylan... 9 years old
  • Emmanuel Jaden
    Emmanuel... 11 years old