Personal Statement

Im 20. First time mom. Stay at home mom. At first i can be really shy...it takes me a little to warm up to someone. i can be difficult and stubborn but i fight hard for what i want/believe in. 10 things i love (other than my daughter): 1)animals. 2)books. 3)computer games. 4)music. 5)wicca. 6)mythical/fantasy. 7)anime. 8)my good friends 9)my family 10) tv.  10 things i dislike: 1)lies 2) religious intolerance 3) drugs 4) animal abusers 5)bed bugs 6) dirty diapers 7) my father.... 8)living far from the few friends i do have 9) florida 10) scoliosis

My Kids
  • Seraphina
    Seraphina 6 years old