Personal Statement

Let's see...I am Heather mom to Kyle and Tyler.  I am passionate, considerate and down-with-mother earth. I am always thinking outside the box. I am a deep thinker at times. Okay, most of the time. I love to smile and laugh. I consider myself a free spirit and feel I don't need to conform to what society expects. I believe in self-expression, self-awareness, nourishment of the soul and spreading kindness to all. I don't like drama and live my life in peace. My main focus is to live happy and enjoy my short time on this beautiful earth. I feel the need to make as many people aware as possible about household chemicals because my son Tyler was poisioned when he was 2. We were lucky, hes still here with us, some kids arent so lucky. Its a simple fix. I'd love to share with you how easy it is to eliminate this danger from your home. Just ask! I love to chat.

I was born and raised in this magnificent  state of  Washington,  I've spent my entire life on the West Coast and love the natural beauty of it. I care deeply about the environment and the future generations to come. That's why I've made a commitment to "Go Green" and I hope to encourage everyone to do the same. I'm very health conscious. I love all animals and a good clean house minus the chemicals and toxins that goes along with what is sold over the counter. I am just a regular mom who loves my kids and cares about what goes on around us. I work from home at a business anyone can do because it just makes sense. I am educating one house at a time how to live safer, healthier lives. I am a mom with a plan. Do you have one? Please tell I would love to chat!


My Kids
  • Olivia
    Olivia 7 years old
  • Tyler
    Tyler 18 years old
  • Kyle
    Kyle 21 years old