Personal Statement

1. Mother to 8 adult children, well maybe 9 forgot the S/O lol

2. Fell in love with the net in 1999.

3. Looking for a great place to share my experiences and life knowledge acquired on this journey...and it looks like I've found a great place!

4. Attended private school 1-12 when they had real nuns and a whole lot of rulers lol. That was our "Survivor" series in real time lol

5. Old enough to remember "I Love Lucy", "American Bandstand" on black and white tv when things were shown LIVE.  lol

6. An awesome place to write for...Where do I apply?

7. Always looking forward and never look back!

8. Love your grandchilden, they belong to your children!  This time it wasn't your fault lol!

9. Have a sense of humor. Life is boring if you never laugh out loud!

10. Make sure you are close to an exit....::wink:: Thank you...

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    John Daniel
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