Personal Statement

Hey there!

I love meeting new people. Being with my family. My husband. God. Not super-religious, but have faith. Eating cheeseburger and fries. Being outside. Shopping. Taking pictures. My mother. People watching. Car-looking. Travel. HAIR is my passion. I love coloring, cutting, styling. I love my girls at the shop! Sleeping in. Watching cartoons in the early morning. Loungin in sweats. A good swim. A great avocado. I like socializing, too. It bugs me when people are late.I hate waking up to a dirty house...puts me in a bad mood. But I'm not OCD. Just makes me feel good to have a clean house : )  Love summer. Drinking a cold beer. Sitting by a fire. Camping. Not shaving. Ha. The list is complete lol.

Thee Ohio State Buckeyes!

Any other questions, just ask!



My Kids
  • Caleb
    Caleb 11 years old