Personal Statement

Hi there...My name is Laurie, I have 2 wonderful children who I love dearly. I'm a student at Mount Hood Community College getting my general studies out of the way. Then I want to major in Criminal Justice or Early Childhood Education after I get done at he community college I want to transfer to WSU. I am engaged to be married soon. I love all kinds of music, I listen to mostly hip hop and r&b. Love CSI, Law and Order SVU, Shark and Cops.  I hate snooty ass people who think there shyt don't stink. Just be real wit me and there will be no problems. Anything else...Just ask~ I won't

Fight Fight Fight for Washington State! Win the victory! Win this day for crimson and grey. Best in the know we'll all do our best so....on on on fight till the end. Honor and glory you must win. So fight fight fight for Washington State and victory! W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N S-T-A-T-E C-O-U-G-S! GO COUGS!


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My Kids
  • Aamira
    Aamira 6 years old
  • Aarica
    Aarica 8 years old
  • Aatiana
    Aatiana 12 years old
  • Tyson
    Tyson 20 years old
More Kids