Personal Statement

Top 10 List

1. I have 3 kids   2 girls, 1 boy-one on the way...

2. I suffer from depression

3. I'm going through custody battles  one w/my mom and one w/the same kids dad

4. I put a 4 year restraning order on my mom

5. I live in a suckie town and county that I can't seem to get out of because of reason #3-just moved out of suckie county

6. I get along easily with others usually unless I found out they stabbed me in the back

7. I don't have very many friends

8. I don't get out much

9. #3 and #4 is putting stress on my relationship

10. 90% of the time out of the house I think life sucks

My Kids
  • Boy
    John Robert 9 years old
  • Lillian
    Lillian 10 years old
  • Jessie
    Jessie 12 years old
  • Charles
    Charles 14 years old
More Kids