Personal Statement

I have 2 adult children, one of whom just finished high school a couple of weeks ago, and will be walking for her diploma in June!!! I feel like I'm graduating all over again!!

My son is in college and is the program director of the college's radio station with his own show. I'm so very very proud of both of them!!

I work in a local hardware store cashering and just became a Customer Service  Rep!

We all live together and keep very different schedules. We have a handful of critters, a little black chi named YoYo and 2 indoor cats and 1 outdoor cat. YoYo thinks hes one of the cats...

Loving all the time I can share with my kids when we can catch up together!!!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Jilly 25 years old
  • Boy
    Robbie 29 years old