Personal Statement

I mainly speak my mind all the time. Which is not always a good thing!

a few things you should know about me

1 I enjoy a good wine as much as i do a good tequila or beer

2 I love to cook and bake

3 I hate cleaning, and all house work

4. I am not your typical soccer mom. I smoke, drink, cuss, and have visible tattoos

5. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter book series

6. I am a complete country girl, and collect pigs

7. I would rather be in jeans and a tee shirt, cami, or hoodie than anything else

8 I love football

9 I am a huge colts, cubs, and purdue boilers fan

10 I love to landscape

11 I never say no to a challenge

My Kids
  • Xander
    Xander 10 years old
  • Madyson
    Madyson 13 years old
  • Kynzie
    Kynzie 15 years old