Personal Statement

I am a Small Business Owner selling Mary Kay Cosmetics, I have been a Business Owner for five (5) years and the journey that I am on is the most wonderful journey. My family is enjoying ever bit of that journey. My website is marykay.com/fabulousjc

My husband and son know that with my business we can do anything we want.  My husband is also a Small Business Owner, my son is 14 years old dream is also to be a Small Business Owner.  Now he is getting ready for High School and he is very happy he got accepted to the High School he wanted.

I am a family person. I wish the old days of family togetherness would come back. My brother live 10 blocks from me and his kids are always at my home and my son is always at his home. Sometimes  I wish we live on the same block, but we do not.

My Kids
  • Boy
    Rome 23 years old