Personal Statement


 My name is Yvonne.

I'm so happy to be a mod in the :


Also just for the  month of March, I am guest modding in the HEALTHY LIVING group, temporarily too. : )

I am there daily and hope you will join us there!

46 yr old. Beyond happily married to soulmate/BFF love of my life, husband, Todd.

Blessed mother to 5. (2 young men & 3 young women) ages 18-26 All our kids are independent on their own now,

Also mommy to our Oriental Shorthair Cat- CHERISH Bliss and our Cockatiel-MEDLEY who are beyond loved and beyond spoiled. Also we feed lots of wildlife that come right up to our patio and even tap on our sliding glass doors, we call them our patio pets. Ducks, Geese, Doves, squirrels, variety of wildbirds. And further out in the yard (not on our patio we even have occasional cranes and bobcats!)

I love people & animals of all kinds. I deeply care about total strangers more than they'd ever imagine.

I love diversity! I'm nonjudgmental, open hearted & open minded.

"If I can't do great things in this life, then I hope to do many small things with great love. "

"We are all like angels with only one wing and can only fly while embracing one another. "

My Kids
    ELIJAH 18 years old
    AMANDA 20 years old
    MICHAE'LA 21 years old
    BRITTANY 25 years old
    JESSE 26 years old
More Kids