Personal Statement

A rather unusual, eccentric, witty mom of three boys who loves to play in the rain, delve into spirituality, hold frogs and just LIVE life. If you're one of those normal, boring people, don't bother. If you like a challenge intellectually and an enlightening debate over coffee with screaming toddlers in the background, you've found the right friend.

 If you're overly religious, don't bother. I'm a spiritualist with open viewpoints. We're looking for friends who like to jump on trampolines, play hide and seek, run in the rain, hang out for coffee and Dora The Explorer, and discuss metaphysical concepts.

 My educational background is similar to my work: psychology and metaphysical studies. I am also returning to school in the fall for premed studies, in hopes of pursuing another dream of mine: pediatrics.

My Kids
  • Eli
    Eli 11 years old
  • Aidan
    Aidan 13 years old
  • Cole
    Cole 16 years old