Personal Statement

i am the proud mom of 5 boys and 1 girl. my youngest is 20. i had all of them in my 20's. i am now the step-mom of 5. the oldest is 17 and the baby is 7. i have (we have almost 12 grand babies). 7 girls, 5 boys. i graduated from college last december with a drgree in elementary ed. i wanted to prove to my kids no matter your age you can do it. my daughter is on a mission for the LDS church which will all belong to in NM. one other son served in ID, the youngest will put his papers in march. i am a newly wed to the MOST amazing man in the world(sry ladies). met online. we met in person on a wed, he asked me to marry heim on that sat and we were wed the following sat. i have never known such happiness(except when my kids and grandkids were born, of course). i love to cook, read, crafts are fun and help others when i can. sub-teaching is fun. i also have one kidney and suffer from migraines. i come from a family of 7 siblings, i am the eldest. our mom died when i ws 20, i turned 21 2 days later. i was thrown into taking care of these kids. my youngest sibling was 6 months old. 6 months younger than my oldest. my ex an i remain good friends. funny---people don't understand. known him since i was 16. life has been hard but getting a lot better

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