Personal Statement

10 things to know!

-Husband and I eloped on June 22nd

-I have a 5 year old and a 17 month old

-I am one of 4 children

-I am a daddy's girl and I'm proud of that

-My husband and I love having family time

-I would rather snack on fruits and vegetables than anything else

-I would take a cabin out in the middle of nowhere over a house at the beach

-My daughter goes through withdrawl if she doesnt see my husband every day

-I do NOT let others TELL me what to do (im a stronger person than that now) but I do wish I could be a bigger bitch most times

-After being on this site since 08 (name change) I now realize how GREAT my family and that I am lucky to have them

My Kids
  • Girl
    Addison 5 years old
  • Girl
    Kylie 9 years old