Personal Statement

10 things i love

1, my family of course,even though my girls drive me mad at times there at the age where everything is a fight between them (yay for me)

2, singing, oh my do i love singing, makes no odds that i cant sing i dare say i kill every song i sing but i love it ..bonus the kids do too so we all sing out of tune together haha

3, my animals...we have 4 cats and 2 dogs though our boys (the dogs)  take up room as 2 humans would haha

4, writing, love it i get loads of ideas of things to write about even my dreams give me some good ideas

5, crafting, love scrapbooking,drawing,cross stitching.

6, a bad chatterer haha i never stop

7, movies though my hubby hates the fact i have seen so many i seem to always unintentionaly give away the endings(i cant help it i get carried away )

8, gaming, if i find a good game i like to chill out and relax into into been playing the same pc game for 5 years and of course skyrim ^^

9, reading i LOVE a good book at the minute im hooked on game of thrones omg such great writing and the plot lines !!! the books are way better than the tv show but they have done it great justice must have read the box set about 3 times now and i still get swept away in the storyline

10, my friends. a good movie/drinks/music and im happily giggling away like a school girl again having a good old moan and enjoying great times...making awesome memories :)


My Kids
  • caitlyn
    caitlyn 16 years old
  • kira
    kira 17 years old