Personal Statement

I'm a mother to 2 beautiful little girls, Lillyana who is 2 and Gabriella who is 7 years old.

I am 25 years old.

I live in Springfield,MA.

Born and raised in NYC.

I have a complicated relationship with a man who's gone through so much and sometimes forgets hes not the only one.

I love him with all my heart and am proud of him for being there for his baby daughter.

My oldest daughter lives with my father because I lived with him since she was a baby and he wasn't willing to give her up that easily.... Long story.

We live in our first real apartment of our own and are managing alright.

I go through an infinite amount of stress everyday.

I feel extremely cut off from the world all the time.

Trying to keep my head up and look forward towards a better future.

I graduated June 11 with an Associate's in Office Administration.

Thats me. Btw the name is Crystal.


p.s. you can find me at!/crystaleve29 , or on aim:loveisraw