Personal Statement

Im a southern mama blunt straight to the point old fashioned values and morals. If you dont want the real truth dont ask me beacuse I will make you cry. I put my kids and family first and everything last this goes for everything. If you are a mother its time to grow up leave the bar club and parties alone. I balance work and home both are handled with ocd tendances. This isnt 1950 and we all have to pitch in. My man isnt exspected to come home and cook and clean thats my southeren job and mama does it well that is why Im his Queen. My daughters know that they will not act fools like other children are allowed too as statistics show juvinal crime rates nationally riseing,teenage pregnancy nantionally riseing, drop outs nationally riseing. While national unemployment is riseing. Parents are home but cant manage to parent there children!

My Kids
  • Cassandra
    Cassandra 11 years old
  • Kjurstin
    Kjurstin 13 years old