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 I am a SAHM of two beautiful girls and our handsome lil man. I am married to my best friend and we are blessed to have a wonderful life. God has provided alot for us and we are very thankful.

I am a former teacher, I taught kinder and thirdgrade! I loved working as a teacher, but when we had our first child I really wanted to stay at home.

I have worked from  home for many years and the last 9 years been a Team Leader with Scent-sations Inc (Mia Bella)! It has changed our lives in so many ways. The best is being home with our kiddos and experience their lives as they grow. There is so much that happens during the day that I am thankful that I see all their accomplishments.

My Goals in life is to have  a smile on my face and be happy no matter what!

I also love helping others create a wonderful lifestyle by working from home. It does my heart good when I can help my team reach goals and make their dreams a reality.

I love meeting new people so stop by and say hello! I would love to chat!

I have lived in several places I would love to get connected with you!

Montana, Cleveland Tennessee, Bakersfield California, Boise Idaho, North Dakota,


Cheryl Hill

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My Kids
  • Expecting a Boy
    I'm Pregnant!
  • Girl
    11 years old
  • Girl
    14 years old