Personal Statement

Hi All!  My name is Liz..  I work from home, refurbishing oldie but goodie furniture for children's rooms.  I'm a wife and mother to two amazing girls, aged 17 months and 12 years.  I'm a yard sale junkie, I find all sorts of lovelies for my new projects at them.  I'm a sucker for babies and rescue dogs, especially pits.  Wow, I just realized that if I said I liked couponing, I'd totally come across as a reality TV groupie....  Actually I don't even watch TV much, lol!  I love to read, especially classics.  Been married 5 years, working on making it to 6, lol!  I believe love is a choice we make everyday.  I believe home is a safe haven, a place to love and respect all within it.  I'm big on personal accountability.  I believe it's my job as a mother to raise my children with respect, integrity and morals.  I am a Christian however my hubby is not (so that keeps it interesting).  I will always respect other people's beliefs or non-beliefs.  I try to live by the Golden Rule.  My only serious pet peeve is pretentious people.  I value honesty and transparency above most other personal attributes.  I enjoy talking to people and hearing different perspectives...  So bring it;) 

My Kids
  • Claire Laree
    Claire... 8 years old
  • Kiernan Estelle
    Kiernan... 18 years old
My Friends