Personal Statement

I really feel that family is really important.I do alot for the homeless and for people who are less fortunate than me because I've been there and it feels great to give back to what was given to me at one time.I have a loving man in my life.We've been together 13 yrs.I have 2 wonderful sons.I had 3 but my oldest son Josh, was killed in January.He was 31.& I also have 2 grandsons & a granddaughter.I like to do bead work.I couldn't live without cable T.V.I'm currently going to school to become a Alcohol & Drug counselor.And last but not least...I do my best to be a good friend and to never judge.But...I'm not perfect.

My Kids
  • Boy
    JERRAD 34 years old
  • Boy
    JOHNATHON 38 years old
  • Boy
    JOSH 40 years old