Personal Statement


New Update: DH lost job over a year ago due to injury. Have been homeless for over a year and still looking for a job.
I am doing house cleaning and dog walking...so it's a start.

I have been married for 3yrs, have a 3yr old boy and a month old baby boy. Who came to us as a surprise!

With my first I had a natual delivery (It was not planned that way). During my second pregnancy my OB imformed me that this baby may have shoulder distoysa, for my first had that and was not known until I had one last push to get him out.

So because of my last incident my Dr discussed having a C-section. I told him I will do that if it means my baby being okay. It's a good thing that I did do a C-section...little Loren ended up being breached! Plus with my husband being a tall man and having broad shoulders my Dr had to cut me open a bit wider than normal.
I am healing great...with some pain here and there.

My Kids
  • Loren James William Smith
    Loren... 5 years old
  • Zachariah Lucius Aden Smith
    Zacharia... 9 years old