Personal Statement

I am 23 have two beautiful babies!! Brodie is 4 and Calyx is 24 months and we just added our newest addition Phoenix in july making her 7 months old I have been with the love of my life Daniel for going on 9  years. We just moved into our first place in august 08. It has been fun, so now we are in dream house with our perfect little monsters and don't forget our monster dog whom of course is named goblin. I LOVE METAL! And rock and no hippy crap please! Love to read when I have a free chance, want to go back to school who knows when that will happen! My babies are first and foremost to me and that's that! I am really silly love to laugh and giggle and talk about weird crap that makes no sense like pancakes and hippos and carpools lol. So if you would like I love to meet new people hear new stories about everyone and if this sounds like someone that would make you giggle a little add me and I will talk to you :-)

My Kids
  • Rhys
    Rhys 7 years old
  • Phoenix Eris
    Phoenix... 8 years old
  • Calyx Patton
    Calyx... 10 years old
  • Brodie London
    Brodie... 12 years old
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