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I am a stay at home mommy of three, soon to be four  beautiful children. After many years I finally get to stay at home with my lil ones, we have had to make some adjustments but everything has been worth it!! I have one daughter who is 9 and two sons, 6 and 2. They frustrate the heck out of me somedays but they are my heart!! I am entering my third trimester with my fouth lil miracle, another little boy who we plan to name Branson. Some may say four is too many but it sounds perfect to me :) four has always been my lucky number!

I am currently in school studying Early Childhood education. I switched majors three times so far but finally feel that I have found my true passion. I realized it can't be all about the money to be made but it has to be a passion! I love it and love the work and it doesn't feel like so much of a chore. It feels amazing to be inspired for once!

I married my best friend almost three years ago and he has been a blessing in my life for 6 years. He can be a pain in my butt and irritate me at times, what man especially to their pregnant wife doesn't lol! But he truly saved me from a life of hell and has shown me what love, respect and support really is. He is my biggest cheerleader in this life and is the first one there to support and encourage me. I love him with all my heart and soul and never for a second have I ever regreted making the vow to spend my life with him.

That's my life in a nutshell, I am not rich but I am extremely wealthy when it comes to the love of an amazing family and that is all I can ask of this lifetime. Its all I ever wanted!!!

My life isnt perfect but its a wounderful start to a work in progress and I dont need money or fancy things as long as i have my hubby and my babies, i am as rich as they come!!!

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My Kids
  • Boy
    Raiden 6 years old
  • Boy
    Xzander 9 years old
  • Boy
    Zackery 13 years old
  • Girl
    Alyssa 16 years old
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