Personal Statement

i've been married for 6 years to a wonderful man he is kind, helpful, loving, understanding, granted we do have our spates, but i dont think i could have asked for better.  We got married Sept 25, 2004 i was 18 and he was 23, and in March of the next year we found out i was prego with our son, he is the light of our world and now that he is getting older i love to watch him learn new things.I love to read Christina Fiction Romance, If we had to money we would tavel all over the world i love to go see history things and fun things, meet new people, I'm not much of a cookerUndecidedwitch i'm sorry for because it can be fun when i get in the mood haha.  Thank God for the spell check on this thing because i'm not much of a speller haha that was NOT my best subject. I was Home-schooled during High School, i did go to public in elementry and middle. I am a scrapbook gooroo haha i love to do it!Cool I am a christian, I love the Lord with all my heart. Photos have been my thing of late, i've joined a club where i can show off the photos i take. I LOVE to sing, i have been singing since i was 2 and have loved it, me and a friend went on a cruise and we sang in the talent show (not to brag but) if it was a contest i thing we would have won haha we got a standing ovation and a clap that lasted it seamed like 5 min. haha and after that all thou out the Cruise ppl would come up to us and say wow i love yall sing! haha it gave me a "big head" haha it was a great exsperance In June 08' I found out that the child i was carrying had died, i miscarried a week later i was 4mo pregnant. I hope to have more but it really effected my husband alot. I LOVE doing crafts with my son, i cant get over how much he is growing!

We are expecting out 2nd child! Another Boy July 11th! Thomas Lane!

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My Kids
  • Boy
    Thomas 7 years old
  • Boy
    David 12 years old