Personal Statement

10 Things i have discovered with my pregnancy

1.)  I detest hamburger meat.

2.)  I suddenly understand why kids like gummies.

3.)  Spit or saliva has a smell and i dont like it!!!!

4.)  Some days i would really like to strangle someone for no apparent reason.

5.)  I have NEVER been as sick as i am pregnant.

6.)  I think ive cried more in the past 7 months than i have my whole life.

7.)  Pepsi tastes AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

8.)  Speggettie and cream of mushroom soup tastes out of this world!!

9.)  Food or the thought of it occupies a great deal of my day.

10.)  I really do HATE doing dishes.

My Kids
  • Andrew Stephen
    Andrew... 9 years old
  • Alex James
    Alex James 9 years old
  • Aryonna
    Aryonna 10 years old