Personal Statement

My name is Ashley and I'm a mother of four wonderful little boys and married to my husband, a Marine of 4 years. We've been through a lot together. Unfortunately, the things we HAVEN'T been through include many of our anniversaries, birthdays, and childbirths. BUT THAT'S OKAY! I have learned a lot, become an incredibly stronger person, and our bond as a couple has only grown through the distance! But it hasn't always been perfect, and we've come along way in finding what works for us. My goal is to provide military wives a place to share their experiences while trading with other military wives near their duty stations. Check out my web site and read my blog!

My Kids
  • Cooper
    Cooper 6 years old
  • Cameron
    Cameron 6 years old
  • Carter
    Carter 8 years old
  • Kellan
    Kellan 10 years old
More Kids