Personal Statement

1.I love spenting time with my family. I have the most wonderful hubby in the world and some awesome kids too:)

2.I love purses and shoes..I could open up my own

3.I love shopping...I could do it 4 a dream job=)

4.I'm a easy person to get along with.

5.I love to decorate and take pictures of

6.I have the coolest parents in the whole wide world..I love them=)

7. I have 3 pets..1 cat(Tiger)1 dog(Bama)and a bowl of fish

8.My dream car is a White Nissan Altima...I'm all over that.My mom has one and I'm jealous=(

9.I'm a country girl at heart<3

10.I LOVE TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. I love to read blogs and I have my own too....check it out


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My Kids
  • Bailey Elisabeth
    Bailey... 13 years old
  • Preston James
    Preston... 16 years old