Personal Statement

All this time Ive been on CafeMom I hadnt done this part here goes....

My name's Elizabeth and I live in a tiny town in Missouri. Ive been married to my husband Richard for almost 25 years. He spoils me and is my soul mate!  My sister who happens to be my best friend lives 2 houses up from me so we spend alot of time together!  She has 6 kids and a grand daughter so all my nieces and nephews are a joy to me!

I have 2 grown children...Scott is 22 and is in the injection/molding/plastics business...he really likes his job but is currently looking for one that pays a little better...arent we all? His passion is music....he can play anything with strings, the drums and trumpet.  He's funny and moody all at the same time, but has a heart of gold!

My daughter Emily is 20.  She works at Beauty Brands and loves it! She is seriously considering going to Cosmetology school this fall.  She has a real sense for fashion, make up and hair. I guess you'd say shes ALL girl!  She's my baby, a daddy's girl and her big brother is super protective of her!

Me....Im a stay at home mom for now.  I worked many years teaching burnt out, worked at Walmart for about 4 yrs...and decided to stay home after the last kid graduated high school.  I babysit my great niece Jillian who is almost 2.  She brings such happiness to my days!

I love to read...mostly books by Nora Roberts, Fern Michaels  and Luanne Rice, but I also like books by Dean Koontz and I like true crime novels.  I love to decorate, organize and Im obsessed with cleaning! Yes, some people call me OCD or fanatical but I dont care.  I also like to crochet and of course be on the computer.  Im not much of a TV watcher but am addicted to American Idol and Dancing with the Stars,...I HAVE to watch those!  I also like to sometimes watch old shows on TVLand.

I love being outside in the spring and summer and am an avid gardener!  Anyone that shows up at my house in the summer will usually find me out digging in the dirt! 

I like to sing...especially karaoke...and me and my husband ride bikes daily when the weather is nice. 

Anyway, thats me in a nutshell......

My Kids
  • Girl
    30 years old
  • Boy
    32 years old