Personal Statement

My kids are my world... Jacob was born in the middle of a huge Maine Snow Storm in January of 2009. Liza was born on a hott summer day in June 2010. I am a SAHM, I love being waking up to their smiling faces. I know I might be not be a cover girl, I may not be a marathone runner or a doctor, but I know I am a good mom and thats all I need to know....I am truely and deeply in love with my loves Daddy and he makes me feel like a super model....  I'm not always right, but I am learning as I go....  I think true love is hard to ignore, and even harder to find. I am so lucky that I found it. Being a Mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am still looking on finding the rest of me, I lost it somewhere after High school.... But Jacob and Liza are helping me discover the real me...

I vacinate, co-sleep, co-shower, let him CIO when he needs to,  sing crazy made up songs, and say what I think, even if I know it may be wrong...

My Kids
  • Expecting
    Baby I'm Pregnant!
  • Liza Rose
    Liza Rose 7 years old
  • Jacob Allan
    Jacob Allan 9 years old