Personal Statement


I am a very happily married woman and stay at home mom taking care of my 4 out of 5 children living, my hunky husband and our chocolate lab lexi. This is my second marriage. My first husband (my high school sweetheart) died in 2000. I have been with him since 1988. We have 2 wonderful teenage boys. My second husband is a god send. We have three wonderful children. A set of girl twins and one boy. One of the twins died when she was ten months old. But God is still blessing us and blessed us with a funny little boy. My life has really been an adventure. I have been told that when my now husband and I started off as friends and then began an relationship it went like a romance novel. I am so blessed to have him and my family.

My Kids
  • Braiden
    Braiden 12 years old
  • Breanna
    Breanna 15 years old
  • Brandi
    Brandi 15 years old
  • Tyler
    Tyler 24 years old
  • Ryan
    Ryan 26 years old
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