Personal Statement

I used to not like to make friends because well....they come and go and sometimes they stay in my life expecting me to get something out of me like money. Yes i have spent thousands of dollars remodeling a house and doing other vacation things with my kids and i have worked my a$$ off  to deserve all of this but i'm not here to make friends to give. i'm here to make friends because you like me for me.

I would like to start throwing casual parties...just because. yep, for no reason. i love enjoying people and their company. I like to be complimented on my hard work. Being a sahm doesnt mean i sit around eating bon bons. Being working mom doesnt mean you make others raise your kids, since when did anyone come up with this?...only on CM would you hear that. I'm a sahm and i can be. i love it. So love me for who i am. i am who I am.

My Kids
  • Boy
    kaleb 11 years old
  • Girl
    joslynn 16 years old
  • Boy
    cameron 17 years old
  • Boy
    adrien 19 years old
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