Personal Statement

Hi, my name is Heather.I am31 and i am a stay at home mom.My daughter is Alyssa she was born March 15,2005 she is 11yrs old I am not married,but i live with my boyfriend,Mike he is Alyssa's daddy we have been together 11yrs .I enjoy lots of things,lots of different types of music,movies,and tv shows.I'm always up for new friends,so just send a invite especially if u live close by.I live in Scottsville,Kentucky i am close to Bowling Green,Franklin,Glasgow,Fountain Run,and Lafayette and Westmorland TN.I am easy to talk to and get to know.i will talk about anything and answer anything i am asked.i am a good listener and will listen to u vent or whatever and do my best to give u some advice.So if this sounds good to u send an invite. :) Also  my daughter has been diagnosed with Juvenile Rhemutoid Arthritis. I had my 2nd child June 8th,2010,a boy his name is Noah Matthew he is5.

My Kids
  • Boy
    Noah 7 years old
  • Girl
    alyssa 13 years old