Personal Statement

My name is Amanda, Im a mother of 3, and a stay at home mom/wife...

10 Things you should know about me:

1: I like to think Im a fun person

2: I love playing with my kids

3: Id like to meet moms in my area for playdates

4: I lick the spoon when making cakes

5: I believe in God!

6: You could find me dancing around singing into a spoon at any given moment

7: I am no good with finaces

8: I plan to go back to school (when the kids go to school)

9: I LOVE my family!

10: I LOVE my life!

P.S. This list is not in any given order...


My Kids
  • Dakota Diggs
    Dakota... 6 years old
  • Abigayle Diggs
    Abigayle... 7 years old
  • Zachary Diggs
    Zachary... 8 years old