Personal Statement

I'm bad at these, never know what to put...

My name's Nicki, I'll be 30 this year and I'm actually a little excited about that. I'm a SAHM and I love it, I have a great guy and three amazing kids. I also have a niece that I adore, she's my Hunny Bunny.

We have 2 big dogs- Mama and Hoochie Boy, 3 cats - Pita, Squirrel and Grubz, and some yard chickens.

I live on the gulf coast of Florida, in my home town. I'm very close with most of my family, and I love my inlaws- my MIL is one of my best friends. :)

I love tattoos and long dresses, just about every type of music there is, cars and gardens, cooking and baking, reading and writing, all things fantasy, I have a thing for vikings and pirates, I'm a bit of a gamer- My hubby and both of the boys are too.

I'm pagan, hubby is half pagan half agnostic, my oldest son is Christian, my younger son hasn't put much thought into such things, and I do plan on raising my daughter pagan but it's up to her if she wants to follow that.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Cassidy 5 years old
  • Boy
    Connor 13 years old
  • Boy
    Christopher 17 years old