Personal Statement

I am currently the custodial step mother of a very spirited soon to be 5 year old. I have been in this childs life since he was 2, and I love him as though he were my own.  We are also currently trying to concieve (although we are having some difficulty).  I have had 2 miscarriages, so we are worried that we may not be able to have a normal pregnancy.

Though I do not have any biological children I have potty trained 3 boys so far, and have raised kids ages 1.5-11 years old (4 at once actually) for a year and a half, so I do have some experience in these matters.  Also, I helped raise my oldest niece and helped out in my grandmother's certified home day care.  I may not be very old but I have a good sense about what a child will normally respond to (though I am having a little bit of trouble finding what works best with my SS, but we're still working through it)


My Kids
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