Personal Statement

ok... let's see I am a Mom of 5 children. I am married to great guy (most of the time). My children create a crazy environment at home that makes my life never dull. My children range in age from 19 months to 19 years old.(as of 04-08) I have 2 adopted children, 1 step-son, and 2 birth children. They all have their own individual problems and quirks. I only have 1 daughter and she is the terrorist of the group. She has the loudest mouth, smartest attitude, and bullies EVERYONE. And she is a munchkin. However, I love them all.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that very pertinent key information about me is missing from my page.

#1 I am a VERY proud graduate of Fisk University. (The best HBCU EVER!)

#2 I am also a sexxy soror of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. Eeeeyip my sorors!

My Kids
  • Joshua
    Joshua 11 years old
  • Mia
    Mia 14 years old
  • William
    William 18 years old
  • Damon
    Damon 19 years old
  • Joe
    Joe 29 years old
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